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New collection coming soon


Unveiling during NYCJW

13.11.23 - 19.11.23

Fitzgerald Jewelry, 243 Grand St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11249

12:00 - 18:00

At the unveiling, you will discover jewels ranging from every-day pieces to red carpet-worthy earrings and cocktail rings. Every piece has been hand carved and fabricated by Ariana with the highest degree of craftsmanship. Every stone has been hand selected for its cut, color and for its unique appeal.

“Why So Spicy” is the product of pure passion and obsession for precious materials and mastery of craft. It is a statement collection announcing that timeless subtle elegance is enhanced with a little and sometimes a lot of spice. Ariana believes that jewelry can be seen through the lens of ‘food for the soul’. Gemstones are like little stores of magic that carry mesmerizing power directly from the earth. The qualities of each gemstone are accentuated by the skills of talented stone cutters and elevated design.

Embirikos is known for its roots in ancient and sculptural collections informed by historical periods, ancient methods of making, and designs that are purposefully connected to ancestry. For Ariana, the primary purpose of creating jewelry is to nourish deep love, connections between people and nature. She pulls from her Greek and Bornean heritage as a guiding source of inspiration, delving into the origins of adornment from both cultures and philosophies. Although the primordial movers of her creations are still the rooted notions of elements of Ancient Greece and Bornean art, her more recent focus is on excellency of craft and selective responsible sourcing. With the unveiling of the new collection “Why So Spicy”, Ariana showcases a personal shift into creating a newer more stylish genre of fine jewelry which reflects her envisioning of today’s modern appreciation towards art. As with all of her jewelry, Ariana wants every piece to both empower and comfort the wearer. Expect bold gemstones set with an architectural approach to sculpture, with geometric profiles, sweeping silhouettes and high polishes to accentuate them.

Come to Fitzgerald Jewelry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday the 18th to discover the collection and meet Ariana!

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