Pebbles, 13 inch choker/bracelet with oblong sterling silver beads interspersed with small freshwater pearls and rough drilled grey diamonds. Grains of metal, grains of sand, grains of really hard rock. I like to compare the materials I use to each other and see how their material properties react when juxtaposed. Their similar size and shape allows us to envision them in their respective contexts. What shaped the pearl to look like a seed? Why do the diamonds seem so much more fragile than either the pearl or the silver beads? The silver will last longer than either of the two natural materials but does that make it more valuable? I imagine the diamonds crumbling apart and turning into sand. Sand that might one day, turn into a pearl.


SKU: 364215376135199
  • Metal

    Sterling silver


    Rough pinkish white diamond crystal

    Freshwater rice pearl




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