Palm Pendant

Palm Pendant


The Palm tree symbolizes victory, triumph and peace.


On a personal level, it reminds Ariana of childhood memories in Malaysia and the Bahamas, of summer days under the sun, beautiful beaches and vibrant coral reefs.


We are donating 50% of sales to the Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusumo (YAD) Foundation.


Amongst the areas of focus of Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusumo (YAD) is the protection and preservation of the environment, particularly the rare and endangered animal species. YAD, which actively supports various efforts in conserving rare and endangered wildlife is currently preparing the construction of a Sumatran tiger rehabilitation center in the conservation forest of Prof. Sumitro Djojohadikusumo, Dharmasraya Regency, West Sumatra. The construction and management of the center is a collaboration of various stakeholders such as the local government of West Sumatra through the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) of West Sumatra, the Aspinall Foundation (TAF), UK and among others. The institute is named Pusat Rehabilitasi Satwa Harimau Sumatera Dharmasraya (PRS HSD) or Dharmasraya Sumatran Tiger Rehabilitation Centre.


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All Conservation Collection pieces are hand finished recycled brass, suspended on high quality knotting cord.