Sterling silver ear cuff 18mm diameter with a high polished interior and textured exterior, studded with inverted brilliant cut 1.5mm rubies. Made from one branch of a silver tree that was constructed in wax and cast, with the buds cut off, smoothed, and polished to make space for the rubies that will take their place. The cut branch references to winter and death, and the budding rubies symbolize growth and spring. According to Ancient Greek myth, the turning of the seasons happens because the Goddess Demeter (Dimitra) made a deal with Hades and was tricked into letting her daughter go to him into the underworld every year. In her sadness, Dimitra, Goddess of agriculture and fertility, stopped the world from producing life. When her daughter returns, spring arrives.

Demeter's Cuff

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  • Metal

    Sterling Silver



    Stone Cut

    Brilliant Cut




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