To keep your unique Embirikos jewellery looking its best, please remove all jewellery when showering, swimming and exercising. This is done in order to minimise direct contact with water, chlorine, perfumes, lotions, aerosols and other cosmetics as they may accelerate the development of oxidisation on brass jewellery.

Raw brass is ephemeral in nature and will change over time as it oxidises and may become deeper and darker in colour. We encourage you to embrace these changes and to enjoy your jewellery as it evolves. 



To keep your brass jewellery looking shiny and golden, simply clean with either 0000 grade wire wool, brasso, town talk brass cleaner or a natural alternative like these one's suggested here. This will reduce the natural build up of oxidisation.


To keep your gold or gold-plated jewellery shiny and bright, wipe down before or after each wear with the polishing cloth provided. Do not polish vigorously as this will wear away the gold plating over time.