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Ariana is a jeweler and artist working out of Brooklyn, NY. Her personal connection to natural materials developed while growing up between mountains and forests from her childhood in Switzerland, jungles of Borneo, and the rocky islands of the Greek Cycladic. Captivated by the lifecycles of plants and minerals, she works to enliven the classical with elements of expressive gesture and sculpture using precious metals as well as bronze and natural stones.

Greek by her father and Bornean by her mother, her multi-ethnic heritage inspires her to study our multifaceted relationship with nature. Her designs are inspired by her cultural background and their rich and ancient histories. She finds that spirituality is a common thread throughout the world, and is reflected in people's influence on their environment in ways that are shared globally. This is what constitutes the classical jewelry formats that have always captivated Ariana and provide the blueprints for her work. In her latest collection titled Demeter, she reinterprets the pearl necklace and the act of foraging, inspired by her Bornean ancestry.

Ariana graduated with a BFA for jewelry and metalsmithing at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2020.




"My work brings together man’s structural command and nature’s inherent spontaneity. Living with beautiful objects that eulogise the natural world reminds us that we live in a wonderfully intricate system that needs to be cared for, respected and relished.”

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